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Zen Green Stage*

The perfect combination with SAM PuttLab

*(Currently only available in Europe)

SAM PuttLab training on Zen Green Stage:

Check out a short presentation video for Zen Green Stage:

Create true putting situations indoors

The ability to read a green and then to play the breaking putt is one of the most important skills for low scores on the course. However, indoor putt training is often limited to playing straight putts only. The revolutionary Zen Green Stage platform now brings the course into your lab and allows creating true putting situations also in an indoor environment. Moreover, by combining SAM PuttLab with the Green Stage you add instant and accurate feedback on the read of the green and on the putt played.

Understand the mechanics of break putts

The combination of SAM PuttLab and the Zen Stage is a game changer for putt training on break putts. Learning is all about practice, experience and feedback. Combining SAM PuttLab and the Zen Green Stage provides the variable and enriched learning environment needed to enhance transfer of practice to performance out on the course. The accurate and instant feedback on true aim spot, aim angle, face at impact and putt speed substantially helps to understand and learn the mechanics of breaking putts and will significantly improve the ability to read greens.

Zen Green Stage in double breaker setup:

Bring more fun and creativity into training

Although 43% of all golf shots are putts, to most amateurs putt training is boring and even seems superfluous. This is where now the combination of SAM PuttLab and Zen Stage comes into the game – it allows to practice putting with fun and creativity, and it can be used by amateurs up to professional golfers to substantially improve their putting.

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Zen Green Stage – Next-Level putting platform

Main Features

  • Replicates any putt in the scoring zone
  • Double-breaking putts up to 15 feet possible
  • 12% variation in rise and fall slope, variable contours, multiple cups
  • Selection of Tour “pure roll” surfaces to reproduce different green speeds
  • Wireless remote control touch-screen operation
  • Available in three sizes from 12 to 20 feet in length

Practice an almost limitless number of breaking putts

The adjustable putting platform from Sheffield-based putting specialists Zen Green Technology enables golfers to practice an almost limitless number of breaking putts to their heart’s content, mastering the art of green reading in a comfortable indoor environment. 

Zen Green Stage provides a smooth and accurate putting surface that transforms the contours to replicate every putting scenario within 15 feet (4 metres) from the cup. A touch screen remote enables users to dial in custom slope settings, or to choose from pre-set slopes and challenges which can be created and stored in unlimited numbers within seconds.

Replicate variable contours, multiple cups and a variety of green speeds

The Zen Stage offers up to 12% variation in rise and fall slope, variable contours, multiple cups, touch-screen operation, and a quick-change putting surface, which can replicate a variety of green speeds. It can also easily be converted to a full-swing platform for other types of practice.

With the new Green Stage, both putting coaches and golfers at every level of the game, up to Tour superstars, can now master the challenge of the breaking putt in a consistent, repeatable, authentic environment like never before.

Click here to open a PDF-file with exact dimensions of Zen Green Stage and environment requirements for installation


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