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Please find following the information needed for download and installation of the latest PuttLab software

First please install the PuttLab software:

Download link for latest PuttLab software:

Download the file and unzip it to a local folder on your computer. Then run the included Setup EXE file.
During installation you may be asked if you want to take over your existing data from a previous software version to the new installation. Press YES on this question if you want to transfer all your existing data to the new installation (this information only applies if you do an update for an existing PuttLab).

Activate the software:
To activate the new PuttLab system start the software from the desktop symbol and then enter the provided software key on first startup. The key should be provided to you with your PuttLab package or by email (be sure to have the PuttLab unit USB connected during this step).
Please be sure not to exchange numbers and letters, especially for number 1 and letter l (L) and number 0 and letter o.

If you need more help installing the PuttLab software you can download the Quick Start Installation Guide as a PDF here:

Further information is available in the FAQ section on this website:

You can also check out our YouTube channel with lots of helpful videos:

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