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Nov 2019. The 2019 US Science&Motion (SAM) certification seminars and putting workshops conducted by SAM founder Christian Marquardt turned out to be a great success. The seminars and workshops were hosted in the prominent locations Pine Needles (North Carolina), Sleepy Hollow (New York) and Don Parsons Golf (California).

More than 30 local Golfpros and club fitters attended the morning Level1 certifications and hands-on teaching workshops in the afternoons which covered professional use of the SAM PuttLab system, the fundamentals of putting, Tour data and individual performance profiles and many more aspects of putting.

“A big thanks to David Orr, Kevin Sprecher and Preston Combs for perfectly organizing everything,” Christian Marquardt said after the courses. “And due to the extremely positive feedback we already think about coming back next year for Level2 seminars.”


That’s what PGA Teaching Pro Mark Komives said after our event at Pine Needles:

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The next SAM Putting Instructor certifications will be offered at the 2020 PGA Show in Orlando, FL in January 2020. The exact dates will be published soon on our SAM website and our social media channels. Follow our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date!

The Putting Instructor certification program of the SAM Academy is the most comprehensive scientific approach to putting ever developed. The concept covers the complete range from the physics of putting, measurement and analysis with SAM PuttLab, the PGA Tour data base, the 6 fundamental aspects of putting, putter fitting or green reading. Also included are practical aspects of putting instruction and corresponding training concepts.

The Level 3 certification will educate you to become a movement expert, and is covering the science of putting, the general science of motor learning, and diagnosis and treatment of Yips.

Since 2012, more than 900 certifications have been successfully completed.
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