SAM PuttLab


  • Most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis
  • Ingenious feedback
  • Efficient training

David Orr
Founder of Flatstick Academy


“SAM PuttLab has been one of my favorite tools for analysis, evaluation, and research of putting strokes over the past 10 years. The accuracy, consistency, and ease of the user interface are the key factors that set this ultra-sound technology apart from other technologies. As a matter of fact, several of my personal clients have purchased PuttLab for their own personal evaluation and training whether it is at home or on the road.”

SAM Academy & Certifications


  • The fundamentals of putting
  • Basics of PuttLab training and fitting
  • Professional putting lessons

SAM PuttStudio


  • Most advanced putting studio worldwide
  • Fully integrated, modular and scalable
  • Ball performance and break putt analysis
  • Training programs, projection and gaming

SAM BalanceLab


  • Ultra high precision pressure plate
  • Weight transfer (COP) analysis
  • Functional weight shift parameters
  • Launch monitor integration

Steve North
Director of St Andrews Links Golf Academy


“The SAM BalanceLab is an extremely innovative tool that allows us to see the golfer’s weight distribution at address but also within the motion of the swing. It is extremely difficult to see with the naked eye or even with slow motion cameras. The system enables us to identify exactly what is happening during the swing and where the faults might lie which is of great benefit to our clients.“

Objectives of SAM Certifications amongst others (click to expand)

Improve your putt coaching
The Putting Instructor certification program of the SAM Academy is the most comprehensive scientific approach to putting ever developed. The concept with three certification levels covers the complete range from the physics of putting, measurement and analysis with SAM PuttLab, the PGA Tour data base, the 6 fundamental aspects of putting, putter fitting or green reading. Also included are practical aspects of putting instruction and corresponding training concepts. The Level 3 certification will educate you to become a movement expert, and is covering the science of putting, the general science of motor learning, and diagnosis and treatment of Yips.
Since 2012, more than 1.200 certifications have been successfully completed.
If you want to become the very best at professional putting instruction, then sign up to become a certified SAM putting instructor.
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SAM Certified Instructors list

What makes SAM PuttStudio so unique?

First fully integrated putting solution
The SAM PuttStudio is the most advanced putting studio worldwide. It extends the abilities of the SAM PuttLab to the ultimate level and compasses all the different functional areas to improve your putting, including putt stroke analysis, ball performance analysis, high-speed video, balance analysis or break putt training.

Tailored to your individual needs
SAM PuttStudio is fully scalable, from just using selected parts of SAM integrated technology up to a full studio setup including turf or putting platforms, wall design and screens or projectors. Pre-configured computers and our iPad app allow smooth, easy and synchronized operation of all systems.

Improve all aspects of your putting
The SAM PuttStudio provides the perfect learning environment to work on all relevant aspects of putting, improving green reading abilities and understanding the mechanics of breaking putts, analysing ball performance for putter fitting and putter selection, or running playful and adjustable training programs and gaming.

What makes SAM PuttLab so unique? (click to expand)

The complete putting solution
SAM PuttLab is THE COMPLETE putting solution – easy setup and calibration, extremely accurate data, comprehensive analysis, customizable reports, and the only system on the market that considers technique AND consistency to evaluate a player’s individual performance profile.

Compare with the best
Track your training progress and compare your performance to players with different handicaps or with a set of PGA Tour players.

Consistency is the key
High consistency is the key for putting success on the course, in particular for advanced players. Directly read out individual strengths and weaknesses in conclusive competence profiles. SAM PuttLab provides a performance scoring for all putting parameters relative to PGA Tour performance.

Customize your putting lessons
Learning is all about accurate feedback. Create customized graphical reports by choosing from a selection of more than 80 report screens in 4 sizes. This allows individual training sessions with a perfect presentation of results.