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In combination with tilting platforms, SAM BallTracker opens the next level for putt training. Putts can now be analyzed for any pitch and roll of the surface with automatic calibration to different targets. The ideal putt will be calculated and displayed together with optimal start direction and potential path corridors. This ingenious feedback provides the perfect learning environment to read and play breaking putts.

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Understand the mechanics of breaking putts

The ability to read a green and then to accurately play the breaking putt is one of the most important skills for low scores on the course. The tiltable Putting Perfection Platform* now brings the course into your lab and allows creating true putting situations with breaking putts of different angles and distances.

*(available in USA, other countries on request)

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By combining SAM PuttLab with the Putting Perfection Platform you add instant and accurate feedback on the read of the green and on the putt played.

The instant feedback of aim angle, face at impact, putter path, face rotation, or putt speed will substantially help to understand and learn the mechanics of breaking putts and will significantly improve your ability to read greens and aim the putter properly to the true aim spot.

Main features

  • provides scalability to fit any environment(standard model is 5.5 by 14 feet) 
  • uses machined stabilizers for static level on any surface and/or twelve volt electric actuators for motion control
  • achieves a static level to a maximum of 14% slope or 8 degrees in seconds*
  • includes state of the art turf material from Truline Putting Greens
  • ensures safe, stable and consistent results

*for wired units (wireless unit: 6% or roughly 4°)