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The ideal extension for SAM PuttLab

The SAM PuttStation is the ideal extension for PuttLab indoor installations – the perfect tool for studios and academies as well as retail golf shops. The biggest advantage to using the PuttStation with the SAM PuttLab is ease of set up and perfect calibration. Please check out our PuttStation flyer with more detailed information.

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Advantages of SAM PuttStation

Using the SAM PuttStation and the FlexTriplet allows you now to set up the putter in seconds. Just clip the Triplet on the shaft and both the putter and the triplet will be calibrated automatically. 

The biggest advantage to using the PuttStation with the SAM PuttLab is ease of set up and perfect calibration. Use of a laser is only needed for the initial setup making change of putters, triplets etc. extremely simple.

Once the station is set up in the studio environment, calibration is done simply by holding the putter to the extended calibration ruler/ arm and then calibrating the system as usual. This is very beneficial for putter testing or in case of using PuttLab in a retail / shop environment!

Check out our tutorial video: How to setup the SAM PuttStation


  • Alignment laser included
  • Extendable calibration ruler for perfect PuttLab calibration
  • Adjustable station height to fit to all greens/putting mats
  • Optional LCD mounting arm available for use with a touchscreen or LCD
  • Different sets of feet included for perfect stand on different floors/ greens


Understand the mechanics of breaking putts

The ability to read a green and then to accurately play the breaking putt is one of the most important skills for low scores on the course. The tiltable Putting Perfection Platform* now brings the course into your lab and allows creating true putting situations with breaking putts of different angles and distances.

*(available in USA, other countries on request)

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By combining SAM PuttLab with the Putting Perfection Platform you add instant and accurate feedback on the read of the green and on the putt played.

The instant feedback of aim angle, face at impact, putter path, face rotation, or putt speed will substantially help to understand and learn the mechanics of breaking putts and will significantly improve your ability to read greens and aim the putter properly to the true aim spot.

Main Features

  • provides scalability to fit any environment(standard model is 5.5 by 14 feet) 
  • uses machined stabilizers for static level on any surface and/or twelve volt electric actuators for motion control
  • achieves a static level to a maximum of 14% slope or 8 degrees in seconds*
  • includes state of the art turf material from Truline Putting Greens
  • ensures safe, stable and consistent results

*for wired units (wireless unit: 6% or roughly 4°)


Guarantees accurate calibration of SAM PuttLab

The SAM Putting Laser* allows you to easily control the alignment of your putter face to the target/hole. Simply place your putter face against the back of the Putting Laser and review your alignment. By its special design it can also be used for the fine alignment of the SAM PuttStation and guarantees an accurate calibration of the SAM PuttLab system.

*included in SAM PuttLab (August 2017 or later)

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Advantages of SAM Putting Laser

  • adjustable laser height for targets at a slope
  • target backboard for ideal alignment of putting distances up to 10m / 30ft
  • high precision in a handy size
  • integrated on/off switch
  • 2 batteries and recharger included

Technical Specs

  • Class 2 Laser Product
  • Acc. to DIN EN 60825-1:2015-07
  • Wavelength: 635 nm

The laser is optimized for eye secure indoor usage (red laser class 2). On outdoor usage it might be poorly visible in sunlight. For higher laser brightness please contact us (see contact button below).

*PuttStation not included

*Monitor not included


Add-on for SAM PuttStation

Attach your monitor or touchscreen directly to your SAM PuttStation with the SAM PuttStation monitor extension*.

*Requires existing SAM PuttStation (Model 2014 or later)

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Technical Specs

Max Vesa Spec:       100x100mm or 200x100mm
Max. Weight:           10Kg / 22 lb.
Max Monitor Size:  23″


Perfect tool to improve aim, distance control & green reading

Path, face angle and centeredness of hit are the crucial factors which affect the direction of any golf shot and these can be improved substantially with the the Perfectstroke Putting Aid. There are at least 26 different ways to use the Perfectstroke System which ensures that practice on the putting green or practice at home is always interesting and challenging.

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The Perfectstroke Putting Aid is one of the few putting aids supporting a putting stroke that has a slight arc rather than straight back and through. The shaft of the putter moves on plane on a straight suspended rail, but the putterhead will move slightly inside / inside. At the same time the putterface stays square to the path which allows the face to open and close slightly relative to the target line. Developing a feel for speed is the final component crucial for consistent putting.

The Perfectstroke TPE Tour Player Edition has a number of additional key features including a very practical elastic line and an aiming cup. It will help to improve aim, stroke mechanics, distance control and green reading. The Perfectstroke base can even be used as a stimp meter.

The system comes with a DVD which is hosted by golf professional and commentator Brett Officer and includes a number of very useful drills and exercises which will also help you to develop great feel for distance.

Videos about Perfectstroke

Advantages of Perfectstroke

  • Perfect stroke path
  • Perfect alignment
  • Helps get your eyes over the ball
  • Helps develop confidence through muscle memory and
  • Teaches correct clubface control
  • Helps develop a centered hit
  • Improves rhythm and timing in stroke
  • Develops a more consistent stroke
  • Helps you to learn about break in greens
  • Provides the smoothest and most natural stroke of any golf putting aid available