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NEW: SAM PuttLab 6 Feature Update

The SAM PuttLab 6 feature update offers a bunch of new functions, including the Shot Pattern Report, an updated PGA Tour players reference data and new Amateur and Tour players examples.

Watch a short tutorial video for the Shot Pattern Report:

Innovative Shot Pattern Report

The new Shot Pattern Report allows looking at your data from another perspective. After each putt, you will immediately see how accurately you played in terms of distance and direction – the two critical factors for putt performance. The closer the balls are together the better your performance. This makes the Shot Pattern Report a perfect tool for training.

  • Innovative new parameters describe your putt performance
  • Detailed Direction, Distance and Launch data for each putt
  • Perfect training tool
  • Stimp (8-12) selectable

Click here to download a Shot Pattern Report example

To get more info about the SAM PuttLab 6 software or how to upgrade older PuttLab systems send an Email to or use our contact-form.

Watch a short tutorial about the Tour players reference data:

Extended PGA Tour players data

The SAM PuttLab 6 feature update introduces brand new PGA Tour players reference data with 150 players now. The Tour data reference is used to calculate the Score and Consistency ratings as well as to indicate preferred data ranges in the reports.

  • Brand new PGA Tour players reference data from 2018
  • Based on 150 instead of 99 Tour players

Download a PDF about the new Tour data sample

Additionally, the update provides a bunch of new PGA Tour and Amateur players examples. This allows you to compare your putt performance with players of different handicaps and specific player types.

  • 100% more Amateur and PGA Tour players examples for performance comparison

New Features of SAM PuttLab 6

Modern look and customizable Reports

  • Brand new user interface: 
    Clean design, improved functionality and much easier operation
    Direct access to all key functions, touch screen optimized
  • New Report Builder:
    Create custom reports to support your individual training sessions
    Choose from a selection of more than 80 report tiles in 4 sizes
  • New Result parameters and views:
    Extended number of putting parameters (from 28 to 50)
    Full overview with the new Data List Report 
    PuttLab 6 includes several planned free feature updates for 2018…Click here to download a PDF with an overview of the new featuresClick here to download the SAM PuttLab 6 flyer

To get more info about the PuttLab software or how to upgrade older PuttLab systems send an Email to or use our contact-form.

SAM PuttLab 6 Tutorial Videos

Introduction to the new features

The Report Builder module

SAM PuttLab Software

SAM PuttLab Training Screen (Direction)

Software modules of SAM PuttLab

  • Measurement – Performance and consistency measurement
  • Training – Specific instant feedback for all putting parameters, including audio feedback
  • Compare – Optimize your putting by directly comparing different measurements
  • Fitting – Protocol guided putter fitting on different levels
  • Reports – Miscellaneous graphical results reports on different levels of complexity
  • NEW: Reports Tiles – Graphical report tiles in 4 sizes on up to 50 parameters, can also be used during training.
  • NEW: Report Builder – Custom layouts and individual Report tiles (read more…)
  • Games – Training with fun for up to 4 players
  • Video integration – Automatic recording per putt
  • Mediafile integration – Managing text and picture files

Download a free demo version of SAM PuttLab software!

3D-Putt replay module (add-on)

Check out our short presentation video for SAM 3D-Putt

Putting analysis in the 3rd dimension

SAM 3D-Putt* is an addon to the SAM PuttLab 5.1 / 6 software. See all putts in realistic 3D graphics and motion.

  • View realistic putter movement from different angles
  • Automatic live replay after each putt in Training mode
  • Display additional info like putter path or face angles

Download free demo version incl. sample putting strokes:

*Please note: PuttLab 5.1 or 6 software license is required to use SAM 3D-Putt

See all features in detail in our tutorial video

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SAM PuttLab App (iPad/iPhone)

The PuttLab App is available for free on the AppStore

If you have questions feel free to contact us via Email to

*Please note: PuttLab 5.1 or 6 software is needed to run the PuttLab 5 / 6 app

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Control your PuttLab with the App

PuttLab versions 5 and 6 allow users to remote control the PC software with the PuttLab App on smartphones or tablet computers. The iOS app offers direct remote control of the most important functions of SAM PuttLab: System calibration, starting measurements or training sessions, and opening the results reports.

All data and the reports can be accessed through the App and can be stored locally on the device or on a cloud storage (Dropbox). The reports are available on the app as a picture gallery. Comments or media links (YouTube etc.) can be added to the reports and then sent to the client by Email. All available data can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Main Features of the App

  • Operate SAM PuttLab remotely with iPad/iPhone
  • Browse through player reports offline
  • Add comment to reports and send by Email
  • Share data via social media
  • Add photos or live videos from the device camera
  • Upload PuttLab results to Dropbox or iCloud
  • Access to PuttLab reports wherever you are

Tutorial Videos (Step-by-step instruction)

To get more info about the PuttLab software or how to upgrade older PuttLab systems send an Email to or use our contact-form.

SAM PuttLab Reports

Precise analysis of your strokes
The results of the putting strokes registered with the SAM PuttLab are displayed in concise graphic Reports. A variety of graphic reports are delivered with the system. Each of the 50 parameters measured can be included into the clearly presented data display.

NEW: Custom Report Builder

A key feature of the SAM PuttLab 6 software is the new Report module with the Report Builder. The software allows to combine from a selection of more than 80 Report tiles in 4 different sizes. Design your own report pages with custom layouts and individual tiles! 

Click here to download the SAM PuttLab 6 Reports Manual

Key Features of PuttLab 6 Report module

  • Report Builder for customized reports
  • Selection of more than 80 tiles in 4 different sizes (XL, L, M, S)
  • New putting parameters (50 instead of 28 parameters available)
  • Multi-page reports for display on the computer screen
  • High resolution graphic printouts and PDF

SAM PuttLab System Reports

  • Basic, Extended, Professional Report – Classic SAM PuttLab Reports with different levels of complexity
  • Performance Report – Easy to understand overview on putt performance on one page with pictograms
  • NEW: Shot Pattern Report – Displays the position of the balls relative to the starting direction and the putter speed at impact
  • Data Listing – Includes all available putting parameters (up to 12 parameters per Report page, grouped functionally in Direction, Rotation, Launch & Dynamics)
  • Compare Report – Directly compares two data sets (sessions, players, before/after) side-by-side
  • Competence Profile – Overview on putting performance for technique and consistency (very helpful as a first report after a measurement)
  • Multicompetence Profile – Allows to compare different putting conditions, for example different training situations or putters (up to 8 recordings can be compared)
  • Player History – Displays the performance of a player over time (comparison of performance values on different aspects of putting is possible)
  • Fitting Report – Gives automatic fitting recommendations (each relevant putter aspect is analysed, results are displayed in the EasyFit Report

What the experts say…


“SAM PuttLab has been one of my favorite tools for analysis, evaluation, and research of putting strokes over the past 10 years. The accuracy, consistency, and ease of the user interface are the key factors that set this ultra-sound technology apart from other technologies.

SAM PuttLab 6 and SAM PuttLab 3D are upgrades that I feel are a necessity for my students continuing knowledge and understanding of their individual technique. As a matter of fact, several of my personal clients have purchased SAM PuttLab Units for their own personal evaluation and training whether it is at home or on the road. As stated by my dear friend James Leitz, “Never guess what you can measure!”

Founder of Flatstick Academy

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