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SAM PuttLab Software

SAM PuttLab Measurement Screen:

Software modules of SAM PuttLab

  • Measurement – Performance and consistency measurement
  • Training – Specific instant feedback for all relevant aspects
  • Screen reports – Result display in screen format
  • Print report – High quality printouts, PDF export and Email
  • Competence profiles – Direct comparison of different measurements
  • Protocols – Standardized measurement & analysis sessions
  • Games – Training with fun for up to 4 players
  • Video integration – Automatic recording per putt
  • Mediafile integration – Managing text and picture files

Download a free demo version of SAM PuttLab software!

New Features of SAM PuttLab 5.1

Valuable add-ons and improved reports

  • Supports the new SAM 3D-Putt
  • Supports PuttLab App (available for iPhone/ iPad)
  • New time line history report
  • New one page player performance report
  • Improved putter fitting “EasyFit” protocol (learn more) 

To get more info about the PuttLab software or how to upgrade older PuttLab systems send an Email to or use our contact-form.

3D-Putt replay module (add-on)

Check out our short presentation video for SAM 3D-Putt

Putting analysis in the 3rd dimension

SAM 3D-Putt* is a brand new addon to the SAM PuttLab 5.1 software. See all putts in realistic 3D graphics and motion.

  • View realistic putter movement from different angles
  • Automatic live replay after each putt in Training mode
  • Display additional info like putter path or face angles

Download free demo version incl. sample putting strokes:

*Please note: PuttLab 5.1 software license is required to use SAM 3D-Putt

See all features in detail in our tutorial video

To get more information please contact us by email to or use our contact-form.

SAM PuttLab 5 App (iPad/iPhone)

The PuttLab App is available for free on the AppStore

If you have questions feel free to contact us via Email to

*Please note: PuttLab 5.1 software is needed to run the PuttLab 5 app

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Control your PuttLab with the App

PuttLab 5 allows users to remote control the PC software with the PuttLab App on smartphones or tablet computers. The iOS app offers direct remote control of the most important functions of SAM PuttLab: System calibration, starting measurements or training sessions, and opening the results reports.

All data and the reports can be accessed through the App and can be stored locally on the device or on a cloud storage (Dropbox). The reports are available on the app as a picture gallery. Comments or media links (YouTube etc.) can be added to the reports and then sent to the client by Email. All available data can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Main Features of the App

  • Operate SAM PuttLab remotely with iPad/iPhone
  • Browse through player reports offline
  • Add comment to reports and send by Email
  • Share data via social media
  • Add photos or live videos from the device camera
  • Upload PuttLab results to Dropbox or iCloud
  • Access to PuttLab reports wherever you are

Tutorial Videos (Step-by-step instruction)

To get more info about the PuttLab software or how to upgrade older PuttLab systems send an Email to or use our contact-form.

SAM PuttLab reports

Precise analysis of your strokes
The results of the putting strokes registered with the SAM PuttLab are displayed in concise graphic reports. A variety of graphic reports are delivered with the system. Each of the 28 parameters measured can be included into the clearly presented data display.

Graphic reports – perfect presentation of results

  • Multi-page reports for display on the computer screen
  • High resolution graphic printouts and PDF
  • Simple and expert reports

Performance report example:

(click report to enlarge)

NEW: One page Performance Report

The new one page performance report presents a very easy to understand overview on the putting performance. It is a good report to be given to the student without confusing him with too much details of the data.

The traffic lights signs on the right side correspond to the Consistency of a player and represent the repeatability of a putting stroke.

  • Technical aspects
  • Average results
  • Consistency
  • Overall performance
  • Displayed on one page

(click reports to enlarge)

NEW: Timeline History Report

The History Report displays the performance of a player over time in a line chart. The displayed data will be sorted due to the date of data recording. So a comparison of the performance values on different aspects of putting is possible.

Comparison report example:

(click report to enlarge)

Profiles – Compare measurements/ putters

  • Directly compare up to 8 recordings
  • Compare different training situations of different putters
  • Track your training success over time

(click reports to enlarge)

Training reports – Extended screen report

The results for each stroke are immediately displayed on the screen. This KR (knowledge of result) feedback has proven to be the most successful training method in learning skilled movements.

The PRO training reports comprise 10 different report screens (check out reports gallery below). Switching between the different views is possible at any time.

Print report examples:

Print reports – High res. graphic printouts

  • High resolution graphic printouts and PDF
  • Can be directly sent to the student via Email 
  • Individual logos can be inserted
SAM PuttLab 5 Features  Basic   Standard   Pro 
Tablet remote control (iPhone/iPad)    x  x
Analysis of 28 Putting Parameters  x  x  x
Training module  x  x  x
Putter Fitting module    x  x
Protocol driven analysis sessions    x  x
Print Reports with PDF and Email export    x  x
Video recording module    x  x
Competence Profile reports    x  x
Customizable  Report logos    x  x
Audio Feedback in Training    x  x
Putting games    x  x
3D-Putt module      x
Database export / Statistics module      x
SAM PuttStation + Alignment laser      (x)*
Yips analysis (wrist measurement)      x
Head movement analysis       x
Triplet Clips  1  2   5

1Web Toolbar
2Web Data selection area (projects, players, sessions)
3Web PuttLab programs bar