Visualize Your Performance

SAM 3D-Putt is an add-on to the SAM PuttLab and replays your putts at any angle and zoom in high-resolution 3D graphics. Take a closer look at the putter and ball movement from any perspective! SAM 3D-Putt is the perfect tool to explain the data to a student. SAM 3D-Putt fully integrates with SAM BallTrackerSAM PuttStudio and displays the ball paths as well as optimum corridors and ideal aim for breaking putts.

NEW: SAM 3D-Putt 2.0

Elegant Look and Feel, Powerful New Options

The SAM 3D-Putt 2.0 software comes with a complete new and elegant look and feel and is programmed with the latest 3D gaming engine. A bunch of powerful new options are implemented including a launch view, the 3D putting template, or a swing plane view. In a split view putter data can be combined with the ball data collected with SAM BallTracker.
Download SAM 3D-Putt 2.0 Flyer (PDF)

  • Improved visuals, latest gaming engine
  • New view options (view from hole, follow ball)
  • New comparison modes, horizontal and vertical split
  • 3D putting template
  • Swing plane view
  • Seamless integration into SAM PuttLab, BallTracker, PuttStudio