Keith  Williams
PGA Europe Tour Coach


“Significant and important approach”

“As soon as I had worked with the system myself, I realized what an innovative and significant piece of eqipment it is. … Knowing exactly what is happening during the putting stroke can mean a significant and important change of approach to helping coach golfers at all levels. Ultimately it’s about helping players get better results.”


Instant feedback for most efficient learning

Using the SAM PuttLab training mode offers you the ability to customize individual training strategies and improve specific aspects of the putting stroke, for example, the putter face angles, face rotation, swing path, impact spot, swing time duration or stroke rhythm.

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After customizing your individual training strategy with SAM PuttLab you can adapt your training to it and practice specific aspects of your putting movement. After each stroke you get immediate feedback of the results. You can directly see the difference compared to the last strokes and discover how close they came to the ideal. This ingenious feedback guarantees immediate and lasting training success.

  • 10 training screens for all relevant aspects
  • Guarantees immediate and lasting training success
  • Instant graphical, numerical or audio feedback after each putt
  • Data for each putt stroke, data averages, benchmark charts
  • Direct comparison to average PGA Tour performance


Conduct indoor & outdoor clinics

SAM PuttLab is the perfect tool to conduct indoor and outdoor putting clinics. A basic course might start with working on setup, direction and distance control. Your students will be amazed about the feedback and their improvements.

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The use of SAM PuttLab is not limited to a controlled indoor environment. Using SAM PuttLab outdoors offers many additional options such as measuring on breaking and sloping greens or measuring putts a different distances.

  • Offering group courses on different levels
  • Offering specific training modules
  • Comparing different situations on the green
  • Before/ after reports for success control


Become a true putting expert

For building up your professional putting studio you don’t need much more than SAM PuttLab, a room and a putting surface. Make a difference to other Pros and become a true putting expert!

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  • Other different services around putting: instruction, training, fitting, team evaluation
  • Increases the quality of your customer base
  • Generate impact during winter


Complete solution for professional putter fitting

The SAM fitting protocols offer a complete solution for professional putter fitting. Each relevant putter aspect is diagnosed in an interactive step by step process. The software provides automatic data analysis and suggests the suitable options. Results are displayed in specific graphic reports.

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The EasyFit protocol is a one measurement process using a length fitted putter:

The PerfectFit Protocol is a two measurement process using the customers putter in the first step.

Advantages of SAM PuttLab fitting:

  • Interactive putter fitting process
  • Automatic fitting recommendations
  • Complete fit on grip, length, loft, lie, head, balance, weight
  • Comparison of different configurations


Improve your business by selling fitted putters

SAM PuttLab offers a turnkey solution to support putter sales in a shop environment. The SAM comparison protocol directly compares the customers’ performance with different putters, an extremely smart way to select the best putter inside of minutes.

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The graphic result report reveals the difference in overall performance as well as in detail information on all relevant putting aspects. Additionally, the SAM Easy fit protocol can be run to adapt further details of the putter.

  • Standardized putter comparison protocol
  • Dialog guided sessions
  • No expert knowledge needed
  • Direct graphic report of results
  • Additional in detail analysis available

Putter selection report example:


Easy data analysis, collection and export

SAM PuttLab suits perfectly for doing scientific research on putting. A statistics modules allows to easily analyse and export group data. Many international Universities already use SAM PuttLab to conduct putting studies.

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The data can be very easily collected, and subsequent data analysis is completely automated in the PRO edition. Even group data can be analyzed by key press.

Different levels of analysis are available: data per stroke, data per session (averages and SD), both stroke and session data per group, and a full player data listing. Export formats allow to directly read in the results e.g. in Excel or in SPSS.