1. Setup and Aiming

A proper setup position is a prerequisite of a good putt. Setup includes body posture, gripping the putter, alignment of body relative to the ball and the target line, and aiming of the putter itself. In a neutral setup with a square putter face you can simply swing the putter back and forth like a pendulum to start the ball on the intended line. The setup is in particular important for direction control in putting. (Read more…)

2. Face and Path Direction

The putter face angle at impact and the swing path direction at impact are the critical factors which determine the initial direction of the ball, as rhythm and timing of the swing are the most important factors for distance control. Direction control starts with a neutral setup position where all body lines are aligned parallel to the intended target line. (Read more…)

3. Putter Path and Impact Spot

The consequence of hitting the ball outside of the sweet spot of the putter is poor ball contact with corresponding direction and distance errors. Critical aspects for proper impact spot are solid setup and a consistent swing path. Often an inconstant impact spot is consequence of a corresponding inconsistent swing behaviour. (Read more…)

4. Spin and Launch

The effective loft of the putter at impact and the vertical putter path angle through impact determine the launch angle and the spin of the ball. On fast greens a flat launch angle of the ball and initial top spin are preferred, to avoid skidding. (Read more…)

5. Putter Face Rotation

Controlling putter face rotation is crucial to hit the ball with exactly the intended face angle and thus the most important dynamic aspect of putting to control the direction of a putt. (Read more…)

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Effects of Loft & Rise Angle to ball roll

The force vector applied to the ball determines launch angle and ball spin:

  • The effective loft at impact determines launch angle (appr. 80%);
  • The difference between loft and rise determines ball spin (effective loft > rise = backspin, effective loft < rise = topspin).

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General mechanismus of impact to the ball:

LOFT imparts BACKSPIN to the ball:

RISE imparts TOPSPIN to the ball:

Putting with neutral hands but loft higher than the rise:

Added putter loft – low rise angle:


Delofted putter face – rise angle higher than effective loft:


Perfect for scientific research on putting

SAM PuttLab suits perfectly for doing scientific research on putting. Many international Universities already use SAM PuttLab to conduct putting studies. The data can be very easily collected, and subsequent data analysis is completely automated in the PRO edition. Even group data can be analysed by key press. Different levels of analysis are available: data per stroke, data per session (averages and SD), both stroke and session data per group, and a full player data listing. Export formats allow to directly read in the results e.g. in Excel or in SPSS.

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SAM PuttLab data has been also used in a couple of own studies: