The testimonials of many Instructors and PGA Tour Pros attest the unique abilities of SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab.

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Testimonials for SAM PuttLab

“SAM PuttLab has been one of my favorite tools for analysis, evaluation, and research of putting strokes over the past 10 years. The accuracy, consistency, and ease of the user interface are the key factors that set this ultra-sound technology apart from other technologies.

SAM PuttLab 6 and SAM PuttLab 3D are upgrades that I feel are a necessity for my students continuing knowledge and understanding of their individual technique. As a matter of fact, several of my personal clients have purchased SAM PuttLab Units for their own personal evaluation and training whether it is at home or on the road. As stated by my dear friend James Leitz, “Never guess what you can measure!”

Founder of Flatstick Academy

“As soon as I had worked with the system myself, I realized what an innovative and significant piece of equipment it is. … Knowing exactly what is happening during the putting stroke can mean a significant and important change of approach to helping coach golfers at all levels. Ultimately it’s about helping players get better results.

Keith Williams
PGA European Tour Coach and PGA European Senior Tour Member

“Thanks to the SAM PuttLab, I moved from 177th in putting to #1 on the PGA tour for greens hit in regulation in 2008. The SAM PuttLab documents truth while giving me the confidence of what I feel conforms to “right on” point. It supersedes what the best instructor’s “eye” could possibly visualize. The SAM PuttLab is the MRI of putting. Thank you Science and Motion.”

Bob Tway
US PGA Tour Professional

“You can have good weeks putting badly, and vice versa, but this machine is a great help with those things even a coach cannot see.”

Padraig Harrington
Three-time major championship winner

“I have experienced tremendous training successes with PGA Tour Professionals as well as amateurs. The SAM System is a fantastic opportunity to generate further revenue. Putter fitting with the SAM System is easy and fast!”

Uwe Tapperzhofen
SAM PGA Tour Coach / European Tour

“After attending the Putting Academy my putting stats have improved enormously. I now average about 30 putts and make more birdies in a round than I ever have. I truly recommend you have your stroke analyzed by the SAM PuttLab.”

Joanne Mills
Ladies European Tour winner 2007

“…its efficacy can be judged by the fact that Padraig Harrington, No. 8 in the world rankings and one of the great putters, has bought one for his practice green at home.”

David Davies
Journalist / in “The Guardian”

“The SAM PuttLab provides insight into the putting stroke with a level of precision unlike any other technology. The successful use of the system in my work with PGA tour players confirmed the high efficiency of this excellent feedback tool.”

David Leadbetter
World Renowned Teaching Professional

“I did some work with Joanne Mills from the Ladies European Tour in the winter on the SAM PuttLab. After about 15 years on Tour she is currently having one of her best years. She is in the top 20. 6th in birdies on tour and is currently joint 6th in the British Open.”

Richard Drake
The Putting Academy

“We had a training camp in the south of Italy. The machine was well accepted by the players…some were totally enthusiastic about it!”

Federica Dassu
Head-Coach and mentor for the Italian women’s golf Federation

“From amateurs to tour players, I am amazed how easy it is to pinpoint problems in ones putting stroke. From a simple assessment to teaching, nothing comes close to the accuracy and consistency that your machine displays. I have been able to modify and sell hundreds of putters utilizing your SAM system.”

Travis Fussel
President Fussel Putters, Inc

“So how do you create a process to diagnose and treat the yips – a problem many players won’t even admit they have? That’s where the Super SAM machine comes in. A team of German scientists and teaching professionals figured that the only way to cure the yips was to first discover exactly when, how and how much they happen in a stroke. That’s what their Super SAM machine does.”

Hank Haney
American professional golf instructor best known for coaching Tiger Woods

“Since using the PuttLab on a regular basis, due to the positive feedback from the software on my technique skill level, I have found that my self-confidence on the greens has increased substantially, leading automatically to better results. Fantastic piece of training equipment! As Dave Pelz says, “the key to improvement is accurate, reliable and immediate feedback”. There can be no better tool than the PuttLab to provide the feedback!”

Geoff Hewitt
PuttLab user / Belgium

Testimonials for SAM BalanceLab

“The SAM BalanceLab is an extremely innovative tool that allows us to see the golfer’s weight distribution at address but also within the motion of the swing. It is extremely difficult to see with the naked eye or even with slow motion cameras. The system enables us to identify exactly what is happening during the swing and where the faults might lie which is of great benefit to our clients.

Steve North
Director of Instruction / St Andrews Links Golf Academy

“As someone who has been trained in Biomechanics and over 40 years of teaching experience, I can honestly say that the Balance Lab is the most accurate piece of equipment on the market today. It not only analyzes the ground reaction forces accurately but also arms you the teacher to interpret the information efficiently.

Dr. Jim Suttie
2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year

“I think the SAM BalanceLab force plate is the only piece of coaching technology I could never give up for teaching the full swing. It is amazing.”

Stuart Leong
Manager / PGA Learning Centre Australia

“The SAM BalanceLab has allowed me to see the invisible. Things that I would not be able to see on video or with the naked eye are now very apparent to me. An incredible piece of equipment to understand why people move the way they do. My only regret is I didn’t have it 25 years ago.

Martin Hall
2008 PGA of American National Teacher of the Year

“With the Balance Lab I was able to improve Sam’s weight distribution at address, which was favoring his left heel and right toe. The improved balance improved his hip position and spine angle, helping his long game and putting stroke. Before the posture change the putter was cutting across the line, the blade was held off and the strike was from the toe. After the posture change and some practice on the Putt Lab the hit was more central, the line of the stroke was straighter and face of the club was squarer at impact. Sam lead stage 2 of Tour School for the first couple of rounds, in stage 3 he shot a 60 in the first round which equaled the European Tour Record and held the lead for most of the tournament. He finished one shot back after 6 rounds.”

The Professional’s name is Sam Hutsby. Former world no 2 amateur. Lost his European Tour Card at the end of the 2009 season and was beginning to struggle on the Challenge Tour.

Martin Butcher
European Tour Coach