SAM Sports for the first time offers a SAM BalanceLab Certification Level 1 at the 2017 PGA Show. Cost for the certifications is $150 (special show price, normal price is $249). The event requires a registration.

SAM BalanceLab Certification Level 1 – Thursday, Jan 26th 2017, 12.30 PM – 2.30 PM

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SAM BalanceLab Certification Level 1 – Professional use of SAM BalanceLab (120 minutes)

Starting with 2017 the Science&Motion academy launches the SAM BalanceLab Instructor certification program. The two actual certification levels cover the range from the physics of ground reaction forces, the fundamentals of operating the BalanceLab software, practical sessions with measurement and analysis of balance and COP data, and discussing the Ultimate edition performance parameters as well COP data for different clubs, shot types and skill levels and the use of SAM BalanceLab for research . Certified SAM BalanceLab Instructors will receive a certification document and will be listed as certified instructors on the SAM web page.

The objectives of the SAM BalanceLab Level1 certification seminar are:

  • The bio-mechanical principles of ground reaction forces
  • Introduction into all screens of the BalanceLab Software
  • Important Settings to perform a measurement
  • COP data and curve analysis of a SAM BalanceLab measurement
  • The SAM BalanceLab Ultimate edition performance parameters
  • Training session with SAM BalanceLab
  • Questionnaire to test the knowledge

The certification Level1 seminar starts with presenting the bio-mechanical principles of ground reaction forces during a golf swing. Then the attendees will receive in depth “hands on” training in operating the SAM BalanceLab software, and in the use of SAM BalanceLab for measuring and analysing the pressure and COP data, including interpretation of the results. In particular the innovative Ultimate edition Performance Parameters for Power, Stability and Setup will be discussed. Specific COP patterns relative to performance and ball flight data will be presented. Finally a short test will help to remember the most important facts.

If you want to learn all about on the SAM BalanceLab analysis of ground reaction forces during a golf swing then sign up to become a certified SAM BalanceLab instructor Level1.

Who should participate? Instructors, Coaches and Club Fitters. PGA members are eligible to receive 3 continuing education credits for attending a certification Level1 session.

Price US$ 150.00