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NEW: SAM BallTracker


Track your ball performance

The SAM BallTracker analyzes all relevant parameters of the ball performance. It is a perfect tool for fitting and break putt training. The camera based tracking system can be installed in any putting studio and integrates with tiltable putting platforms.

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Main features

  • Putting launch monitor
  • Real ball traces and shot pattern (accuracy and consistency)
  • Complete ball performance (speed drop, skid distance, roll ratio, effective stimp)
  • Display of aim spot, ideal path and comparison to actual putt
  • For straight and breaking putts (adaptive to any break and pitch)
  • Detection of flexible target positions
  • Automatic integration with SAM PuttLab


  • Add-on to SAM PuttLab putter data
  • Putter fitting
  • Ball performance testing
  • Green reading
  • Break putt training
  • Automatic integration with tilting putting platforms

SAM BallTracker data analysis

Results can be displayed in SAM PuttLab reports as well as in SAM 3D-Putt.

Shot pattern and ball traces

Ball performance parameters:

  • Start direction
  • Launch speed
  • Skid distance
  • Speed drop
  • Roll ratio
  • Ball distance
  • Effective stimp

True ball speed curves

Ball simulation & display for any breaking putt

  • Slowest possible putt
  • Fastest possible putt
  • Ideal putt
  • Rating of the actual putt relative to an ideal putt