The world’s first complete ball tracking system

SAM BallTracker is the next revolution of Science&Motion for professional putt training. The system uses a calibrated high-speed camera mounted above the putting area. SAM BallTracker is a seamless extension to SAM PuttLab and offers a complete ball performance analysis, including multiple targets, integration with platforms, auto-calibration on breaking putts, visualization of the optimal putt, detailed result reports and 3D replay for training.

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Main features

  • Putting launch monitor
  • Real ball traces and shot pattern (accuracy and consistency)
  • Complete ball performance (speed drop, skid distance, roll ratio, effective stimp)
  • Display of aim spot, ideal path and comparison to actual putt
  • For straight and breaking putts (adaptive to any break and pitch)
  • Detection of flexible target positions
  • Automatic integration with SAM PuttLab

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Ball performance, break putt training, fitting

  • Add-on to SAM PuttLab putter data
  • Putter fitting
  • Ball performance testing
  • Green reading
  • Break putt training
  • Automatic integration with putting platforms

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New aera of putt training
The comprehensive ball performance analysis and the realistic 3D replay of the rolling ball will not only bring the quality of your training sessions to the next level. The intuitive feedback of starting speed and direction, ideal putt, slowest and fastest possible putt or shot pattern is perfect also for the independent practice of a client.

Tracking on straight putts
Early and true roll are essential to increase your score on short and intermediate putts. Optimize your putting performance with detailed feedback on launch conditions and ball performance parameters such as Skid Phase, Speed Drop or Roll Ratio! The resulting shot pattern shows your performance relative to direction and speed of the putts.

Tracking on breaking putts
Learning to correctly read and play breaking putts is often a problem due to a lack of accurate feedback and the multiple sources of errors. The SAM BallTracker exactly shows for each putt where you went wrong. Additionally to all ball performance parameters the software shows the ideal putt, the slowest and fastest possible putt, and differences of your putts relative to the optimal solution.


Track your ball performance!

Results can be displayed in SAM PuttLab reports as well as in SAM 3D-Putt.

Table on ball performance (optimal for fitters):

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There are several options how you might use SAM PuttLab and SAM BallTracker for fitting.
SAM PuttLab covers all relevant areas of the putting stroke (which is also the basis of the PuttLab Fitting protocols).
SAM BallTracker provides information on ball performance, which could be connected to PuttLab data but can also be analysed separately.

Analyse the Ball Performance

On straight putts there is all ball data on skid, roll, distance etc.:

The data will certainly differ if using different putters and/or different setup of the player.

Show the corresponding ball speed graphs

Certainly we can also show the corresponding ball speed graphs (this is true data and not a simple scheme diagram as other tracking systems):

Analyse shot pattern and ellipse

Additionally we analyse the shot pattern and the ellipse (see distance control). To do that we can also calculate the virtual ball path if the putt has been holed.

Break Putts

For breaking putts you get very sophisticated information not only on the putts played, but also on ideal putt and on your performance relative to break and speed. This is a uphill putt at 2% with a roll of 1%. The green vector is the resulting Zero Break Line with the overall Slope number.

The yellow transparent path is the ideal putt. The yellow dotted lines are minimum and maximum speed putts. The red line is the optimal aim angle.

The data shows where you went wrong for speed and break. The performance graph show a gray area which would be the speed/break combination which would allow to hole this putt. This ingenious feedback is the perfect learning environment to fit the equipment as well as to learn to play breaking putts.

This screen provides feedback on each single putt in the training mode. This putt has been played with the correct angle but the speed was too slow (see the bar graphs at the bottom).

True ball speed curves*:

*Why is this true data so unique? Click here to learn more

This is true data (not a simple scheme diagram as other tracking systems), and there is a constant decrease over time in the roll phase corresponding to the stimp deceleration. The grey area is the skid phase. The dashed lines are the skid phase. The dotted lines are an optional simulation of the path after collision or after holing a putt. You can also precisely calculate where the ball would have gone if the putt leaves to monitored putting area (normal 4-5 m length).

3D replay of the ball data (split screen view):