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Mar 31, 2021. SAM Sports has now integrated the BodiTrak pressure mat into the SAM software to allow covenient balance and stability analysis and training in putting, including automatic feet detection, performance graphs, key position analysis, synchronized replay with video and more. Balance data is critical to identify problems with your setup and stability, which will affect e.g. putter path, impact spot or consistency of your putting. For a free quote use the contact form on our website:

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Save twice on software & hardware

Get yourself a BodiTrak pressure mat at a special rate (or use your existing mat) and unleash its potential with our latest SAM Balance software. SAM PuttLab owners can upgrade their system to SAM PuttStudio, which also opens up our Studio world including synchronized 3D putt, SAM video, our new putting technologies SAM BallTracker and SAM Projection, and moveable platforms.

  • SAVE $ 500 on purchase of a BodiTrak X Pro pressure mat
  • 40% LAUNCH DISCOUNT on all SAM Balance software

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