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Technology to the rescue
By: Golfweek | 1/2020

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My putting is frequently bad, sometimes awful. Has been for years. I started my first-ever professional putting lesson, at Sea Island’s Golf Performance Center, with that confession. (…) Using several pieces of technology with a reliance on the SAM PuttLab created by German sports technology company Science&Motion, Angelotti was able to break down my broken putting. He loves such a challenge (…)

Orlando Insider-Blog (in German)
By: Golf Time Magazin | 1/2019

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Die deutsche Firma Science & Motion Sports hat zum 15. Mal an der weltweit größten Golfmesse teilgenommen. Durch das weltweit führende Puttanalysegerät SAM PuttLab hat sich die Firma in der Golfbranche einen Namen gemacht. Dieses Jahr überraschte das Team mit einer neuen Ball-Tracking-Technologie fürs Putting. Analog zu einem Launchmonitor kann der Ball mithilfe einer speziellen Kamera von Anfang bis Ende aufgezeichnet werden (…)

Maximizing your students’ putting potential
By: Golf Range Magazine | 12/2018

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Putting finishes each hole, each round and every tournament. The seemingly simple stroke can spark a range of motions from agonizing defeat to joyous exaltation … By incorporating technology into your putting lessons, particularly the SAM PuttLab, you can help your students maximize their potential on the greens (…)

Back and through. Simple, right? If only.
By: Golf Range Magazine | 09/2017

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When it comes to putting, the engineers at Science & Motion Sports have developed a machine that analyzes the 28 parameters of a player’s putting stroke. Yes, 28 … all in 1.39 seconds, or the average time it takes a player to start and finish the stroke. “I tell people it’s like a launch monitor for putters, as far as what it can analyze and measure”, says Travis Becker (…)

Turning technology vision into reality
By: Golf Retailing magazine

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MIA Sports Technology is at the forefront of coaching and club-fitting studios, offering the latest game analysis products and studio installations. (…) Training experience includes SAM PuttLab / BalanceLab and Swinguru training. These thought provoking, intensive courses enhance the professional’s knowledge base and ensure an improved customer experience (…)

Das Subjektive am Objektiven (in German)
By: Golfrevue | 03/2011

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(…) Die Hauptdarsteller: 22 Vorzeige-Putter, vier Probanden, die mit jedem Schläger sieben Bälle aus vier Metern spielen. Und Christoph Salmhofer, Chef von SALMI Golf und Importeur des SAM PuttLab, eines tourerprobten technischen Wunderwerks, das mit Ultraschall jede Feinheit eines Putts punktgenau aufzeichnen und mathematisch und grafisch exakt auswerten kann (…)

A scientific approach to putting
By: Golfweek | 03/12/2010

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(…) To study putting, Stickney uses machines that measure body movement, CG positioning, ball roll and performance, and the parameters of the stroke. Putting stroke analysis comes from the Science and Motion Lab (SAM), which can be used indoors and outdoors. “I have my students practise with the SAM”, Stickney says, “because it gives them proper feedback (…)

Making the Putt – Learn the elbow trick for smoother putts
By: Tom F. Stickney II in the Golf Magazine | 05/2008 

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(…) New studies using the SAM PuttLab and Advanced Motion Measurement’s 3D Motion Analysis System show that when your elbows are 12 inches apart (with the “pockets” pointing almost straight up), they bend the right amount and put you in the best position to make a smooth stroke back and through on the correct path (…)

Tiger Woods: Make putting natural
By: Golf Digest magazine | 03/2008

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(…) I’ve started to monitor my stroke on a computer to make sure my mechanics are in sync. I’ve learned that as a rotational putter (I swing on an arc with the face rotating open to closed), I’m most consistent when my stroke path is 1 degree in to out through impact, with the putterface releasing. Knowing that has helped me monitor myself (…)

Mark Roe sets studio standard
By: Golf Retailing magazine

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(…) One of Pachesham’s Head Coaches, Stuart Martin, says: “No matter what standard of golfer I am working with, the information that the SAM PuttLab system gives me is invaluable. A putting lesson in the Mark Roe Putting Studio will open your eyes to improvement and really change your performance aims and aspirations as a golfer (…)

The putting men
By: Golf Digest magazine | 07/2007

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The recent invasion of math into golf instruction is a hot topic, but Suttie is adamant that the SAM PuttLab leaves much room for individual style. “We don’t use the machine to teach one stroke. We use it to help people understand and repeat what they naturally do”, says Suttie. In fact Marquardt and Suttie don’t believe the “perfect putting stroke” exists (…)

Putten wie die Tour-Pros 2 (in German)
By: Golf Journal | 04/2006

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(…) Was mein Putten betrifft, war ich der Meinung, dass ich das Pendel-Prinzip beherrschen würde – bis ich Dr. Marquardt und sein Analysesystem traf. Marquardts erster Blick auf meine Charts zeigte einen zu langsamen Rückschwung und einen wackeligen, zu langen Durchschwung. Erstaunlich, wie schnell (und einfach) sich dank des SAM PuttLab Lernerfolge einstellten (…)

Putten wie die Tour-Pros 1 (in German)
By: Golf Journal | 02/2006

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Bei der Deutsche Bank-SAP Open 2003 wunderten sich die Tourspieler über eine Apparatur auf dem Putting-Grün, die Wissenschaftler der Universität München dort aufgebaut hatten. Es stellte sich heraus, dass man damit einen Putt erstmals in voller Länge aufzeichnen und im Detail auswerten konnte. Nick Faldo gehörte zu den Ersten, die das Gerät ausprobierten (…)

Loft conversion with a difference
By: Golf Retailing magazine

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(…) With the SAM PuttLab, a simple process of analysing 10 putts will tell the golfer a multitude of information. “If a golfer wants to compare different putters, the system tells the golfer which putter they hit most consistently from the centre of the clubface, so ultimately it finds the best putter for any individual (…)

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