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2018/10/22. For the last time, Science & Motion Sports will be offering customers with old SAM PuttLab units with wired triplets (red BaseUnit) the opportunity to benefit from a wireless upgrade and get a completely new system with the latest SAM PuttLab 6 software.

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More benefits & discounts than ever before:
  • Exchange of your old wired SAM PuttLab (build years 2004 to 2009) for a completely new system with wireless triplet
  • Measure more than 40 putt parameters with the new wireless model and compare yourself to the latest Tour Players data 2018
  • Up to 50% off the normal retail price (depending on the edition you are using)
  • Free update to the latest PuttLab 6 software & access to upcoming updates included
  • 1-year silver support plan (including 1-year guarantee on all parts)
  • plus SAM 3D-Putt feature or PuttLab certification for free


Last chance to upgrade & get further support

The wireless upgrade option for existing wired units (red BaseUnit) will only be available until 31st December 2018. From 2019 on the wired units will no longer be supported by us. This means no updates and upcoming PuttLab add-ons will be available. Repair of hardware cannot be guaranteed any more as all parts are at least 10 years old now. The wired PuttLab units can only be upgraded to PuttLab 5. An update to the current PuttLab 6 and upcoming versions is not possible.

If you have any questions, need more information or if you are interested in a wireless upgrade, please contact Science&Motion Sports directly: