Root out of the Trouble

Yips is the inability to complete a normal putting stroke. Typically Yips is assigned to the occurrence of involuntary movement jerks, spasms or freezing. Between 20% and 30% of golfers are affected by Yips. Yips has been described as an organic problem (dystonia), a psychological problem (choking), or a continuum between both (studies of the Mayo Clinic). Our research however reveals that Yips is the consequence of exaggerated self-perception and conscious control, and is very much task specific. By changing specific aspects of the putting context Yips can be switched on and off.


As Yips mainly consists in a twitching of the wrist of the right hand before or directly at impact, the SAM PuttLab data shows Yips problems mostly in the face rotation data, in particular in the rate of rotation curve at impact. Oscillations found in the rate of rotation graph indicate the jerks. As the problem normally emerges from the right hand, it makes sense to also test playing 2-3 m putts with the right hand only and then inspecting the face rotation report.

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Yips if putting with both hands:


Science&Motion (SAM) Academy has developed a revolutionary approach to the treatment of the dreaded golfer’s cramp. Our studies prove that Yips is mainly made up of complex motor strategy problems. Where avoidance strategies or mental training programs permanently fail, the SAM Academy YipsCure is the first treatment getting right to the heart of the problem. First the movement problem is precisely diagnosed with the SAM PuttLab. Then an individual training program is tailored to systematically isolate the problems and to “unlearn” them step by step. After the training the original movement competences are widely regained. If you are interested in booking for a YipsCure training please contact us through the contact sheet.

If you want to book in for a YipsCure session with Dr. Christian Marquardt, please send him an Email or use our contact form.

Yips after training:


Some very easy adjustments can help you to better handle your Yips problems:

Take the right hand out of the game
As Yips is most often a problem of the right hand only, try to take the right hand out of the game. This can be done by using a claw grip. Basically the left hand is then responsible to move the putter. It is important that the right hand is only lying on the grip, but not really gripping the putter. Try to reduce the grip pressure in the right hand as much as possible. You can also try to bring the right hand to the grip just before you start the backstroke.

Play left-handed
Surprisingly often only putts to the left are affected by Yips. Simply using a left-handed putter and playing putts to the right can help you to hit normal putts. You can first try to play putts with the back side of your normal putter and check if the hands are still twitching. If good, get yourself a left handed-putter. You will wonder how good the putts can feel again.

Claw grip for putting: