2018/09/06. Science & Motion Sports has released the second feature update for the current SAM PuttLab 6 software:
  • Innovative Shot Pattern Report
  • Brand new PGA Tour players reference data
  • 100% more Amateur and PGA Tour players examples

The Short Pattern Report
allows looking at your data from another perspective. After each putt, you will immediately see how accurately you played in terms of distance and direction – the two critical factors for putt performance. The closer the balls are together the better your performance. This makes the Shot Pattern Report a perfect tool for training.
Watch a short video for the Shot Pattern Report…

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The feature update introduces brand new PGA Tour players reference data with 150 players now. The Tour data reference is used to calculate the Score and Consistency ratings as well as to indicate preferred data ranges in the reports.
Watch a short video about the Tour players reference data…
Download a PDF about the new Tour data sample…

Additionally, the update provides a bunch of new PGA Tour and Amateur players examples. This allows you to compare your putt performance with players of different handicaps and specific player types.

Existing SAM PuttLab 6 users get the feature update for free. Please use the Check for updates feature in your SAM PuttLab software (in the settings window click on About SAM PuttLab). Or contact us to get a download link.
For all users of previous versions of SAM PuttLab a software update is necessary to use the new features. Please contact us under:

SAM PuttLab 6
is the latest version of the SAM PuttLab software. The new software released in November 2017 features a host of improvements including a redesigned user interface and the new Report Builder module.
SAM PuttLab 6 takes putt analysis to the ultimate level.
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If you have any questions, need more information or if you are interested in a purchase or update of your SAM PuttLab system, please contact your local representative or Science&Motion Sports directly: