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Dec 21, 2020. Science&Motion has released their latest development for the SAM PuttStudio: The SAM Projection system. SAM PuttStudio combines the SAM PuttLab with our latest technologies SAM BallTracker and SAM Projection to create the complete learning environment for putting. Analyze your putting stroke, track the ball performance, unveil shot patterns of students, train direction and distance control with live feedback directly on your indoor putting green. SAM Projection visualizes your aiming and your putt performance in real-time, or can show variable targets and training tasks on your putting surface. The new training plans, combine tests and games take your putt training to the next level.

Combined with a tilted surface you can explore the range of potential solutions for a specific breaking putt, with projecting of the ideal corridor, aim spots, and replaying your putt relative to a given task. The options are virtually infinite.

Additional information can be found on our SAM Projection website.

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