Learning needs Feedback

SAM Projection creates the perfect learning environment to improve your putting. Putting information is displayed directly on the putting surface, including live data, results of your putts, virtual targets, or optimal path and speed on breaking putts. Training protocols can provide various kind of feedback, can guide through different exercises such as distance or alignment training, or can project games for entertainment. Combined with a tilted putting platform you are able to run adaptive training protocols to perfectly improve green reading abilities and performance on breaking putts.

See all relevant training information directly on the putting green

1. Ball paths & ball positions; 2. Ideal putt line; 3. Ideal aim angle; 4. Putt corridor to hole the putt; 5. Virtual hole positions; 6. PuttLab & BallTracker live results

Many different options for display of Puttlab live feedback data

“Ready to play” training programs for direction and distance control

SAM Projection offers interactive Training plans for specific putting aspects, such as direction and distance control. Example: Play to holes in different directions and/or distance in random order and see direct feedback from SAM PuttlabIn combination with titling platforms adaptive training programs guide you through putts with additional variation of pitch and roll on dfferent levels of difficulty. This variable learning environment will substantially improve your putting performance and will significantly enhance the transfer onto the course.