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2019/09/19. Science & Motion will conduct live putting workshops and SAM PuttLab on-site certifications in 3 different regions in the USA – North Carolina, New York and California – in the week from 4th to 8th of November 2019.

At each location SAM PuttLab inventor Dr. Christian Marquardt will offer a Putting Instructor Level1 certification in the morning, covering the professional use of SAM PuttLab, the PGA Tour database, the 6 fundamentals of putting as well as SAM PuttLab training & fitting sessions. Learn more about the certification content

In the afternoon Dr. Christian Marquardt will conduct a hands-on live teaching workshop, which includes the latest, science-based concepts of successful putt training. This workshop demonstrates how to conduct individual putting lessons based on putting data under consideration of the hierarchy of movement – an absolute must for every dedicated putting coach. Learn more about the workshop topics

You can book your seat for the certification course and for the putting workshop here: Event is over

Food will be offered at a fair price at the location.


Southern Pines, North Carolina

SAM Putting Instructor Certification Level 1 – Monday, 4th of November 2019
9AM to 1PM (local time)

Putting Workshop – Monday, 4th of November 2019
2PM to 5PM (local time)

Presenter: Christian Marquardt, David Orr

Location of the event: Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club, Southern Pines, NC
Pine Eedles Lodge & Golf Club offers lodging for $135 per night .

Booking link: Event in over


Briarcliff Manor, New York

SAM Putting Instructor Certification Level 1 – Wednesday, 6th of November 2019
9AM to 1PM (local time)

Putting Workshop – Wednesday, 6th of November 2019
2PM to 5PM (local time)

Presenter: Christian Marquardt,
Kevin Sprecher

Location of the event: Sleepy Hollow Country Club, Briarcliff Manor, NY

Booking link: Event is over


Goleta, California

SAM Putting Instructor Certification Level 1 – Friday, 8th of November 2019
9AM to 1PM (local time)

Putting Workshop – Friday, 8th of November 2019
2PM to 5PM (local time)

Presenter: Christian Marquardt,
Preston Combs

Location of the event: Don Parsons Golf, Goleta, CA

Booking link: Event is over


Content of the Certification Course

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SAM Putting Instructor Certification Level 1 (240 minutes)

Understanding how Tour Pros putt – The 6 Fundamental Aspects of Putting

The SAM Putting Instructor certification program is the most comprehensive scientific approach to putting ever developed. The 3 certification levels cover the complete range from the physics of putting, measurement and analysis of a putting stroke, PGA Tour data samples based on the 6 fundamental aspects of putting, as well as scientific basics of motor learning and motor control. Also included are the practical aspects of putting instruction and training concepts based on the hierarchy of movement. Certified SAM Putting Instructors will receive a document and will be listed on the SAM web page.

The objectives of the SAM Level1 certification seminar are amongst others:

  • Professional use of SAM PuttLab
  • The 6 fundamentals of putting and the PGA Tour data sample
  • Evaluating the 6 fundamentals in your students data
  • Basic PuttLab training
  • Basic Putter fitting

The certification Level1 seminar introduces into the concept of the 6 fundamental aspects of putting. The attendees will receive in depth “hands on” training in the use of SAM PuttLab for measuring and analysing putting, including interpretation of the results reports and the use of putting performance profiles to tailor subsequent training sessions. The seminar will also present a step by step putter fitting protocol. Additionally the latest software enhancements are demonstrated.

If you want to learn all about SAM putting analysis and putter fitting, then sign up to become a certified SAM Putting Instructor Level1.

Who should participate? Instructors, coaches and club fitters.

Price US$ 350.00 – Presenter: Christian Marquardt


Topics of the Putting Workshop

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SAM Putting Workshop (180 minutes)

SAM PuttLab Analysis & Training for the 3 Putting Fundamentals

In this hands-on teaching and coaching workshop the inventor of SAM PuttLab and putting expert Dr. Christian Marquardt will demonstrate how to use SAM PuttLab in a professional training session. General concepts of using data inside of training lessons will be discussed. After measuring some of the participants it is demonstrated how to evaluate a first individual performance profile as well as how to interpret the results in more detail. Potential strengths and weaknesses will be identified. If necessary also some theoretical background will be presented during the lessons. Based on the concept of “hierarchy of movement” the specific aspects to work on will be decided. The live teaching will cover the 3 most important functional aspects in putting which are “Setup”, “Direction” and “Distance”. Preferred drills will be presented and the use of training aids will be discussed.

  • Live hands-on teaching workshop
  • Demonstration of professional putting lessons
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Tour data and individual performance profiles
  • Areas for improvement
  • Use of training aids

Price US$ 150.00 – Presenter: Christian Marquardt with host