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Apr 27, 2020. Up to 200 Instructors, Coaches and Club Fitters attended at the free SAM PuttLab online events on April 23, 2020.
One was aimed at Instructors, Coaches and Club Fitters who are interested in the SAM PuttLab system, the other at SAM PuttLab users who want to update their system to the new release PuttLab 7 and SAM 3D-Putt 2.0. The SAM Sports team thanks everyone who participated.

Full recordings of both events are available on SAM Sports YouTube Channel.

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Content of the SAM PuttLab product demonstration:

  • SAM history and technology
  • SAM PuttLab measurement & training
  • SAM PuttLab analysis & result reports
  • Additional software options (SAM 3D-Putt & SAM Video)
  • Questions & open discussion

Presenter: Dr. Christian Marquardt (Inventor of the SAM PuttLab system)

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Content of the SAM PuttLab 7 and SAM PuttStudio presentation:

Presenter: Dr. Christian Marquardt (Inventor of the SAM PuttLab system)

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If you have any questions, need more information or if you are interested in a purchase, please please use our inquiry form or contact us via email: sales@scienceandmotion.com

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